Refresh your IT estate and stay up to date with the latest technology

It can be difficult to plan the life of assets with technology evolving every day.

Key challenges

Future-proof your digital estate

Remove obsolescence risk

Lower maintenance costs

Our solution

With our ‘Tech Refresh’ solution, you can refresh your assets at any time, giving you total control and flexibility within a stable monthly fee. Whatever you change, your lease stays the same.

What's in it for you?

Predictable payments

You get the latest technology at a fixed cost, thus increasing cost predictability

Switch to OPEX*

Adapt the timing of the technological exchanges to match your business needs, while respecting your company's IT OPEX budget

*Consult with your accounting and/or tax advisors for proper classifications

One contract only

Hardware, software and services can all be managed under one contract, the duration of which being the weighted average of the assets’ lifecycle

How it works

Prep Period

We build up your contract value together

Refresh value

Value of digital technology that can be refreshed during the exchange period


We visit you every 6 months to discuss your lease and the use of your refresh volume

Exchange period

6 months during which you can exchange and/or refresh your digital assets at any time

One digital company