Improve connectivity, interactivity
and teamwork with tailored solutions.

Professional ranges
and flawless technology
for your audiovisual solutions 

Our commitment: to ensure operational excellence in the provision
of your products and solutions while meeting the demands of your users.

Large-scale display

High-performance solutions to suit your uses and environment in the best way

Dynamic display

Connectivity, interactivity and teamwork for your employees

Video projectors

Portable, compact, robust solutions tailored to the size of your room

Videoconferencing solutions

All-in-one solutions to simplify your meetings and develop teamwork


Touchscreen, interactive or tailor-made terminals to help fulfil your specific aims

Benefits of AV-as-a-service

Maximum return from Audiovisual and IT technology demands a well thought out and widely supported strategy of digital transformation and technological innovation.

Econocom supports you and concentrates on your objectives, desired applications and the technology required to achieve them.

But we also consider environmental factors, adoption, future developments, replacing technology, maintenance, training etc. All of that... As a Service. And all for a fixed amount per month.

Smart way to pay

We pay the full investment amount; we take care of the asset management; we bear the risk of asset depreciation - for just a monthly fee. Furthermore, you determine the duration of the contract.

End-of-life management

We ensure that the equipment is removed and disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner at the end of its service life.

Flexible end-of-term options

Decide what's best when the contract comes to an end. Upgrade to a new system, return the equipment, take title of the assets, and more.

A chain of complementary services
based on product life cycle

Beginning your digital project

  • Insightful, unbiased, responsive advice for technological choices tailored to your needs.
  • Independence in regard to manufacturers. 
  • Analysis of the existing technological, energy, technical and human situation.

Acquiring your products and solutions

  • A one-stop shop.
  • Single web-based platforms to meet all your needs (client, generic and custom catalogues).
  • Tailor-made products, ready for your users to enjoy.
  • Zero-touch service for simplified roll-out.

Taking into account your logistical particularities

  • Specific, tailor-made logistical services based on your needs.
  • Adaptable, responsive teams thanks to local storage and buffer stock.
  • Ensuring delivery of your products in the USA and the rest of the world.

Installing, maintaining and managing your estate

  • Full US coverage in coordination with the Econocom group.
  • Technical training courses for supporting change.

Reusing your products in their end-of-life phase

  • The end-of-life phase of your IT equipment is handled with an environmentally friendly approach that supports the circular economy and reduces costs for your firm.  
  • A full offering in waste processing in terms of administration, logistics and legal affairs.

Financing your project

  • A pay-per-use scheme based on changes in your needs.
  • A contract available as an investment budget or operating budget based on a licence fee.
  • Simplified operational and financial management of your estate.
One digital company