Circular Economy

Econocom takes concrete action to meet the challenges
of the circular economy.

Goodbye throwaway society.
Hello sustainable society!

The circular economy is a sustainable model in which we keep resources in use for as long as possible, extracting maximum value whilst in use, prioritising access over ownership, and recycling materials to create further value.

In recent years, hundreds of circular projects have been launched in our country.

However, many of these projects are still at the experimental stage and do not generate economies of scale, partly because of the lack of innovative financing. Many companies and public authorities still do not know how to finance circular projects and as-a-service models.

Transitioning from the wasteful ‘take, make, dispose’ linear operating model to a more responsible
all-encompassing economy.

our solution

Econocom’s solutions can leverage strategic projects, act as a growth accelerator, and drive the circular economy, for both companies and public authorities. We offer pay-per-use models in line with your needs, thereby extending the useful life of equipment.

Why choose Econocom?

To move from ownership to use

For off-balance rental solutions

For as-a-service solutions

Key figures

0 %

landfill policy

31 kg

C02 saving per smartphone

95 %

devices achieve a 2nd life

73.5 kg

C02 saving per laptop

Success stories

Mobile Lockers

Solar powered lockers, protected against salt, corrosion & vandalism to last for 10 years. The lockers can be fixed, re-used, recycled and are paid-per-use.

Econocom designed an off-balance sheet as-a-service solution for Mobile Lockers. Mobile Lockers can keep growing without investing in new materials, keep their balance sheet light without debt and offer extra services to their clients (maintenance & support services all included).

Digital signage as-a-service

3,000 displays to show departure/arrival times, announcements & commercial messages.

BIS | Econocom, our BeLux partner specializing in AV solutions, becomes the owner of these screens and offers them including 360 services (installation, maintenance, support etc.) as a service to Schiphol airport in Amsterdam.

At the end of the lifecycle, parts are reused or recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

Office furniture-as-a-service

ZitSta is a brand of Buro International and produces office furniture & digital workplace. One of its clients asked for payment terms, which ZitSta couldn’t offer by itself.

Econocom came up with a solution, consisting of:

  • As-a-service contract over 5 years
  • Off-balance sheet solution
  • Simplified admin with monthly invoicing
  • Circular lifecycle included in the solution: installation, support, break-fix, reassignment to SMEs or socially responsible recycling.

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